Creative Director
Digital Media
Event Marketing
Though my talents as a DJ were what brought me to The Belfort, a student-focused club and event venue, it was my creative prowess and a keen eye for what worked (and what didn't) that made me an invaluable part of their marketing and overall branding. By putting innovative ideas into action as creative director, I helped place The Belfort on the map in a competitive market. At the same time, my efforts across art direction and design, digital promotions, videography and motion graphics, and even event logistics turned what could've been just another club into the place to be.


The Belfort wanted to reach students, but the new brand they intended to launch didn't reflect that. As a designer who empathizes with the user and their needs, I knew that we had to overhaul to capture people's attention. Less than a week until launch, I worked tirelessly to transform a forgettable design into a recognizable identity that would catch eyes and draw in crowds. I envisioned a brand that appealed to the trendsetters and tastemakers and had immense potential beyond just a captivating logo – it was one you could recognize on flyers, across social media and digital ads, or even proudly sport on a t-shirt or hat.


To stand out in a well-known university town, The Belfort needed a distinctly disruptive presence that party-hearty students just couldn't ignore. I dove head-first into the venue's ongoing promotions, using my expertise in marketing strategy, graphic design, and videography to create an online experience unlike any of our competitors. I dropped users right into the action by creating compelling video content and motion graphics that brought The Belfort experience to life and helped build a strong, familiar relationship with the audience. As a result, engagement boosted across our social channels, and traffic to the venue reached all-time highs.


As a jack-of-all-trades with a proven track record for leadership, project management, and strategic insight, my role with The Belfort went well beyond marketing. This culminated in 2019 with the creation of the Tent Party, an event series partnership between The Belfort and a local fraternity. From staging, security and fencing, booking and coordinating with DJs and musical acts, AV, motion graphics and ticketing support, and even DJing the event myself, I led nearly every aspect of the event. My efforts catapulted the series to greater heights with each iteration, garnering more attention, larger crowds, and even high-profile, lucrative sponsorships with industry leaders like Sirius XM.
"The Belfort needed a brand and an experience that cut through the noise and set them apart, and I was able to deliver it. Through expert brand strategy and a one-of-a-kind creative flair, all of which was bolstered by finely tuned technical skills in graphic design, video and motion graphics, and an "all-hands-on-deck" attitude, I was able to shine a spotlight on The Belfort and help it become a destination of choice for students looking for the party of a lifetime."

Daniel Khayat

General Manager,

"I knew Jake would drive the way we would communicate with our market from that point forward."

"Jake's role in creating a lasting brand in The Belfort is not to be understated. When I was tasked with rebranding the venue at 50 Piccadilly, Jake's value to our team was apparent. It began with graphic design – we needed to let people know that we were rebranding. In one evening, Jake put together a compelling video that far exceeded our expectations (both in aesthetic and in impressions-per-dollar-spent) and a branding strategy with a new logo, new elements; a complete branding overhaul. I knew Jake would drive the way we would communicate with our market from that point forward.

Looking back, over the 5-year period that Belfort grew and became an industry leader in the London nightlife scene, Jake led all marketing efforts, from DJ bookings to event campaigns, creating video content, to designing weekly graphics. The products of Jake's branding efforts were clarity and consistency in an industry riddled with fads and short-lived successes. I can say with full confidence that Jake's contribution to the Belfort resulted in the venue's popularity and longevity in a very challenging and competitive business environment.

I hope to collaborate with Jake in future entrepreneurial endeavours and firmly believe that he will be an asset to any business he serves."