About Me

What makes me Special :)

Hi, my name is Jake.

I’m a seasoned, multi-disciplinary designer with experience across a range of digital and traditional mediums. I’m equipped with the ingenuity, imagination and finely tuned technical skills to make a significant impact for any and every client.

As part of a design journey spanning more than ten years and counting, I’ve honed in on the complex creative needs facing my clients to find innovative solutions to their unique challenges.

From consultation to creative brainstorming, graphics and web design to videography and photography, brand strategy to social media, and all the way to production and print, I have a proven track record as a versatile and reliable designer who can apply his skills at every stage of the creative process.

I invite you to learn more about my philosophy, my process and my past work by diving into this online portfolio.

If you’re searching for help on the next steps of your own creative journey – design, branding, marketing or more – contact me and let’s discover how I can support your next project and how, together, we can create something incredible.

Design Philosophy

As the ultimate consumer, I recognize how good design can enhance the user experience and transform it into something amazing. On the flip side, I understand how bad design can be an obstacle to a user’s otherwise outstanding experience.

This is why empathy is at the core of my design philosophy – empathy for the user and their needs and expectations. By approaching each and every one of my designs from the user’s perspective, and allowing my keen intuition to guide me in the process, I am well-positioned to help clients strive for new heights, achieve their business goals, and give their audience exactly what they’re searching for.

Design Process

My approach to design is driven by a carefully crafted eight-step creative process. Prioritizing thorough research and empathy above all else, this process was created to ensure that the user’s needs were considered at the onset of every project, and thus serving as a roadmap towards success.
Understanding the end user's needs and the design challenges they face is my unique starting line to knowing precisely what I'm trying to achieve and for whom.
From best practices to brand essentials to the overall creative landscape, I take a deep dive into the complex situation facing each project to spark innovation.
It's time to take what I've learnt straight to the white board, outlining the strategy and scope of the project at hand and the problem that we're looking to solve.
I move the project into high gear and use a number of brainstorming exercises to work out a solution that will meet the business needs and reimagine and enhance the experience for users.
This is where the rubber hits the road, mobilizing the client's vision and applying my expert design skills to bring a tangible and functional solution to life.
Even the best prototypes need to be rigorously tested and evaluated to ensure we're hitting all the marks and it's working exactly as designed.
Now that the solution has taken shape, it's time to package it up and either hand it off or deliver it straight to the client so they can start engaging their users and meeting their business goals.
No project is complete until I know for sure it's meeting and exceeding expectations, meaning that tracking the progress and success of each solution is critical.