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User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are crucial building blocks in web development and e-commerce. This was a concept I put to good use during my time as senior designer with MedTech, a US-based business specializing in wristbands, wrist identification, and access control solutions. By keeping the user and their needs front-and-center as I led product design, web development, and brand integrity, I infused a cutting-edge approach to an already-strong industry name, opening countless doors to continued growth.


When I first joined the MedTech team, the brand was in serious need of attention. Without the proper foundational documentation and guidelines for staff to follow, the application of the brand was scattered and inconsistent, posing a potentially serious risk to client or even internal engagement. To combat this challenge, I developed formal brand guidelines, including fonts, colours, messaging, and templates, to keep the MedTech team on the same page and provide the brand with the professionalism and uniformity it needed.


One of my pillar projects was a complete overhaul of MedTech's customer-facing website. Despite quality products, and an impressive network of noteworthy clients such as Disney, several NBA and NFL franchises, and the PGA Tour, the site itself was passive and not equipped to entice or welcome new customers. Knowing what I would expect as an end-user, I began to formulate a new UX design that would treat the experience as an educational opportunity, teaching users about products that otherwise may seem ordinary and positioning MedTech as the go-to expert and a one-stop-shop.

Through a step-by-step design process, from extensive research to detailed wireframe to functional prototype, I charted out a new-and-improved customer journey while designing a dynamic new site by taking inspiration from competitors and some of the UX greats like Nike and Apple. I oversaw the creation of 3D renderings for product images, allowing customers to be fully immersed in all of the creative branding possibilities. When the final product was launched, existing customers' feedback was undeniably positive, while both site traffic and website-generated sales saw a tremendous increase.
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3D Customizer

With 3D model renderings being a crucial element of the new site, I wanted to further our new customer experience by creating a built-in, interactive 3D customizer tool. By giving users the power to fully tailor every aspect of their desired product – from colour to pattern, style to width, and every branding element imaginable – I was able to invite users to be part of the process, helping to build an even stronger and lucrative client relationship with them. And though the final tool was never made live due to budgetary constraints, my working prototype design was a prime example of the innovation that I bring to the user experience.

Team Leadership

Nothing great has ever been achieved alone, which was undeniable of my work at MedTech, where I had the opportunity and privilege to lead, onboard, and mentor a team of four junior designers. This invaluable opportunity to directly apply my leadership skills allowed me to set the tone for our team, define our priorities, and, as designers and professionals, ensure we could learn from each other along the way. I created an environment where feedback and ideas were a two-way street, allowing each of us to become better as a result.
"My work at MedTech exemplified the immense impact that superior design and a creative and functional UX can have for even the most established brands. I pride myself on bringing fresh perspectives, creative risk-taking, and new ways of thinking to my work and, as a team leader, working together to combine the best of all our skills to build the best product. MedTech empowered me to help them take bold next steps forward in their branding, and their investment paid off in dividends."