Adventurer. DJ. Entrepreneur. Dog Dad.

I wear lots of hats, but the most important one is as a designer. Over the past decade, I went from learning the basics as I jumpstarted my own snowboard apparel company in high school to being a seasoned creative pro with the ideas to make an impact and skills to solve all kinds of design challenges.  

Creative Direction

My keen eye and killer design instincts have helped me recognize how having the right content – and the expert strategy to drive it – can make all the difference between success and failure for any project. 

Every day, I put this philosophy to work by helping clients define themselves and their brand and capture their audience’s attention with expert strategy and captivating content that compels them into action.

UX Design

I was first hooked on digital design when I learned the difference between a .jpeg and a vector graphic. Now, it’s a part of who I am. Across web, email, apps, e-commerce, print, video, motion graphics and more, it’s in my DNA.

Design defines the user experience, but great design is what makes it extraordinary. This is why empathy is at the core of my approach – empathy for the user and their needs and expectations. 

My 8-step design process keeps the user front-and-centre at every stage, helping clients achieve their goals and giving the audience exactly what they’re looking for.
1. Research the situation.
2. Empathize with the user.
3. Define the project.
4. Ideate a solution.
5. Prototype the resolution.
6. Test and evaluate.
7. Publish and prepare for handoff.
8. Monitor the progress and success.