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Music is my ultimate passion, making Otherwise Fine my passion project. Being a DJ is a creative outlet unlike any other – it enables me to try new things, test out unique sounds of my very own creation, and discover the many possibilities that exist for my art to reach new heights. With this in mind, it only made sense to turn this from a pastime into a fully-fledged business, activating my innate entrepreneurial spirit alongside my artistic partner and using my tenacious and scrappy attitude to tackle every aspect of Otherwise Fine's operations beyond music production.

Marketing +

We create exceptional music, but we're only halfway there unless it can reach people. As a seasoned digital marketer, designer, and strategist, I've spearheaded our promotional efforts and worn nearly every hat as I've worked to share our music with the masses – including e-commerce, apparel design, website, social media, release, and even music videos. And we are consistently seeing success and growth – across Spotify and other major music streaming platforms, our music has now reached millions, while our average monthly listeners grew from 500 to 55,000+ in just two years, with peaks often reaching the 100,000 mark.


To stand out in a well-known university town, The Belfort needed a distinctly disruptive presence that party-hearty students just couldn't ignore. I dove head-first into the venue's ongoing promotions, using my expertise in marketing strategy, graphic design, and videography to create an online experience unlike any of our competitors. I dropped users right into the action by creating compelling video content and motion graphics that brought The Belfort experience to life and helped build a strong, familiar relationship with the audience. As a result, engagement boosted across our social channels, and traffic to the venue reached all-time highs.


The COVID-19 pandemic has been an ongoing challenge for live music events, but instead of allowing it to hold us back, I flipped the script to develop an innovative way for our listeners to fully experience our sounds from the comfort and safety of home. I adapted our live shows to become a series of live online streams. We showcased our music, engaged with a digital audience, and even incorporated new elements such as live visuals and synced lighting to enhance the experience even further. 
In every endeavour, whether personal or professional or a combination of both like Otherwise Fine, I pour every last ounce of my effort into making it a success. My commitment, resourcefulness, flexibility, and versatile skill set are put to the test each day as part of this entrepreneurial undertaking. I've shown that I have what it takes to excel, no matter how daunting or unfamiliar the challenge may be. I'm more than just an art director or a designer – I'm a creative, artistic, and business leader.